There are many advertising options with Firearms Friday. Contact us today.

While our main focus is on bringing our readers engaging, fresh content and not on getting more advertisers we do currently have very inexpensive advertising slots available. Our rates will continue to stay as low as possible as we really care more about making sure that everyone can afford it despite our constantly increasing traffic. features 730 x 90 leaderboard ads, 300 x 250 medium rectangle ads and 300 x 600 pixels skyscraper/half page ads. Ad slots can be displayed on every page on this site or a specific page, prices vary depending on which. All banners are rotated randomly to ensure that each advertiser receives time in the top positions. Your banner can be linked to any URL of your choice such as your main website home page, a specific product on your website or even to a Facebook Page.


We look at our advertisers as partners. When we take on a new partner, we consider it a personal endorsement of that partner. We will not enter into a partnership with a business that we can not endorse.

To apply as a partner:

  1. Apply – Contact Firearms Friday via the Contact Form below to establish your interest in becoming a partner. We will contact you shortly after receiving your email to discuss our advertising options.
  2. Submit – Submit your ad artwork for review. We review the banner to be sure that it conforms to our simple standards (listed below).
  3. Payment – Firearms Friday will send you an invoice via Email.
  4. Publish – The banner will be published within 24 hours of completed payment. (Typically within an hour or so)


We ask that the banner adhere to 4 simple standards:

  1. 730 x 90 pixels – leaderboard ads.
  2. 300 x 250 pixels – medium rectangle ads.
  3. 300 x 600 pixels – Skyscraper/half page ads.
  4. “G” Rated – The banner should not contain anything unsuitable for readers of all ages.

Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our site sponsors. Please fill out the form below or call us at (405)202-6091 and we’ll get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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